is a leader in AI-powered enterprise fraud prevention. Its award-winning fraud detection platform helps digital businesses quickly identify transactional anomalies and pinpoint fraud using artificial intelligence, big data, and live-streaming visualizations. Fraud.net’s platform was designed to combat hard-to-detect fraud at digital enterprises in the e-commerce, travel, and financial services sectors. Its unified algorithmic architecture combines:

1) cognitive computing/deep learning,

2) collective intelligence, 

3) rules-based decision engines, and

4) streaming analytics to detect fraud in real-time, at scale.

Fraud.net’s cloud-based “glass-box” system, offers a full and transparent presentation of the data, statistics, and contextual variables to help organizations simplify their fraud management, defending against different types of fraud through one unified solution. Fraud.net is the only fraud prevention platform offering Enterprise capabilities not only for AI-powered fraud detection, but also for Enterprise Case Management and Advanced Analytics.


is built on the intelligence from over 68 billion transactions that CyberSource and credit card company Visa process annually worldwide. The platform comes with proprietary machine learning methods along with a flexible rules engine that can be quickly customized via a web portal that works with all the major eCommerce platforms and doesn’t require any specialized IT support to set up.

Merchants can also take advantage of 14 risk models tailored by region, industry, and channel, and use the platform to automatically halt fulfillment of an order when a fraudster is identified. CyberSource also allows merchants to test their historical rules-based fraud prevention data against various “what-if” scenarios, so they can continue to improve without the risk of a chargeback.


 protects the entire customer journey with its Identity Trust Platform, which uses artificial intelligence powered by the Identity Trust Global Network to protect against account creation fraud, account takeovers, and payments fraud. Kount’s network establishes the level of trust for each identity behind every interaction based on a network of more than 32 billion annual interactions across 50+ partners, gateways, and payment service providers, 75+ industries, 250+ countries and territories, and 9,000+ customers. 

Kount uses adaptive AI that combines both supervised and unsupervised machine learning to produce Omniscore, a transaction risk rating. Kount customers can use Omniscore and Kount’s flexible policy engine to fine-tune fraud prevention decisions based on desired business outcomes, including reduced chargebacks, fewer manual reviews, and reduced false positives. Kount also offers Datamart, self-service business analytics, to give in-depth insights and allow customers to conduct investigations and proactively use data in other efforts. 

 Kount is highly customizable and allows customers to fully manage their own fraud prevention decisions and outcomes, or use Kount’s Professional and Guarantee Services to be as hands-on or off as desired. Kount also offers friendly fraud prevention solutions, advanced bot detection, account takeover prevention via Kount Control, Data on Demand, and solutions to comply with 3DS2 and PSD2.  


helps merchants to protect their online e-commerce stores from transaction frauds to reduce chargebacks and loss of goods. Our fraud detection engine inspects and validates orders through all aspects derived from the order information. Together with the blacklist data in our global merchants network, it will detect fraud orders accurately and minimize the false-positive.

FraudLabs Pro offers merchants the ability to customize their own fraud validation rules depending on their business needs. It offers merchants hundreds of validation rules to choose from. FraudLabs Pro has more than 20 ready-made plugins covering most of the major e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce, WHMCS, OpenCart and so on. Our solution is future-proof, users have no hassle to switch their e-commerce platform in the future easily.


 is a European based fraud prevention platform with a robust technology profile.  SEON boasts over 4000 customers ranging from Avis, Air France and Eurobet.  Seon’s platform is interesting in that it is highly flexible and customizable depending on the usage.  This allows SEON to operate in a multitude of industries such as; Banking, Gaming, Lending, eCommerce, Travel and Payment Gateways.

It’s flexible pricing models charges users based on calls to its API and the price per call varies.  For example a call for the Payments API costs €0.06 / request while a Login API call costs €0.02 / request (rates also vary by overall monthly volume and decrease as volume increases).  This gives merchants and other users highly customizable and cost-effective usage.  Merchants are able to leverage the automated, machine-driven workflow with flexible features to fit the way they do business. SEON approach to integrating their ‘Sense Platform and Intelligence Tools’ allows them to work in completely different merchant profiles.  For example a traditional eCommerce merchant versus an online gambling platform.

Other than these platforms , mentioned below are some basic precautions you can take on your own

>DO NOT share your OTP

>DO NOT store your card details in text

>DO NOT keep picture of card

>Make sure the site is trustable and HTTPS

>Beware of fraud calls


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