1.IDS Order fulfillment

What makes IDS Fulfillment click in the competitive order fullfilment service industry? There are a host of factors that have propelled this company to the top. To start, IDS takes the pain to learn all about their customers’ business needs. Then, it leverages its competencies in the areas of fulfillment, distribution, and transportation to meet these needs.

Another highlight is the company’s flexibility which allows it to meet demanding logistics requirements as well as the special needs of clients who have widely fluctuating or highly seasonal order patterns. You can safely put your money on IDS as it has been in this business for more than 50 years and still remains innovative and fresh.

According to IDS Fulfillment reviews the service provides a comprehensive orientation process for startups and new clients. So if you are new to using outsourced logistics services, you need not worry as this vendor offers low-cost, low-risk integration that you can rely on.

IDS collaborates with its clients to identify the crucial operating metrics for the relationship. Then, they closely track these metrics to ensure they provide high-quality service. This company’s success is because it has a dedicated and experienced staff team that implements proven processes. They work not only with clients but also with their core base of vendors to provide value to all parties.

ModusLink® builds supply chain and eCommerce infrastructure that fulfills profit potential and propels superior speed to market for small, midsize, and enterprise-level companies all over the world.

Through innovative solutions and the highest level of customer commitment, we’ve earned the trust of a long list of leading brands from virtually every industry, including consumer electronic and packaged goods, telecommunications, computing and storage, software, medical devices, and connected devices.

Our global footprint spans North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region. Our sole motivation is to help our customers drive efficiencies and adapt to changing market dynamics.

3.UPS supply chain solutions

UPS Supply Chain Solutions, offers transportation and freight services, logistics and distribution, consulting, and customs brokerage services. UPS’s stock trades on the New York Stock Exchange (UPS) and the company can be found on the Web at www.ups.com. Services provided by UPS include

  • Air & Ocean Freight. Trusted global experience. …
  • Ground Freight. Regional. …
  • Warehousing & Distribution. Simplify complex supply chains. …
  • Customs Brokerage. Customs brokerage. …
  • Insurance & Financing. Reduce risk. …
  • Service Parts Logistics. Service parts.


In their own words

” We are Radial, the leader in multichannel commerce technologies and operations. We enable you to profitably exceed customer expectations by taking on the complexity of your multichannel retail business and transforming it into a seamlessly orchestrated customer experience.

To bring order to ordering. To make fulfillment more fulfilling. To keep commerce clicking. When we partner with you to execute your orders, payments, fulfillment, or customer care, your promises become ours. ”

5.Digital River

Digital River is a private company that provides global e-commerce, payments and marketing services. In 2013, Digital River processed more than $30 billion in online transactions. Digital River is headquartered in Minnesotan, Minnesota.

Digital River’s commerce, payment, and marketing solutions paired with innovative technology are what make our Commerce Business Infrastructure (CBI) a unique Commerce-as-a-Service offering.

The CBI offerings start with Digital River acting as Merchant of Record (MOR) and Seller of Record (SOR) alongside the expertise we bring to help generate online business in 243 countries and territories throughout the world. Digital River assumes responsibility
for compliance of local laws and regulations, local banking
relationships, handling of taxes, managing fraud, and more


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