There are three primary ingredients for healthy snacking in India: health, taste, and affordability. Food is a portion of Indian culture. However, the choice of packaged healthy snacks is also on the rise. 

Thousands of people are searching for healthy snacks including typical Indian snacks, here’s a list of few companies catering to the need of Indian consumers.

2021 Healthy Snacks: Top Brands

  • Slurrp Farm 
  • OrgTree. 
  • To Be Honest. 
  • Poshtick. 
  • The Green Snack Co.
  • Bazana. 
  • Sattviko. 
  • Snackible. 
  • Nourish Organics 

Slurrp Farm

Two mothers, Shauravi Malik and Meghana Narayan co-founded Slurrp Farm in 2016. This brand aims to serve yummy and healthy foods for children and families and trust them with convenience. 

Their chart has various options, starting from cookies such as Oats Honey Banana Butter and Ragi Chocolate Butter to Protein-Rich Breakfast mixes.They also sell out cereals in refreshing combinations like Rice cereals and Mango Organic Ragi and snacks like Herbs, Chips, and Cheese. 

All their products are made with pure and natural ingredients like foxtail millet, ragi, oats, whole grain, jaggery, and other natural sweeteners. The colorful packaging is lovely too. What children eat has a lifetime effect on their health. For this, Slurrp Farm has come up with delicious food for the kids to ensure that they get refreshing and delicious food. 


Two brothers Mahesh and Chandra Basavanna from Karnataka present the OrgTree to the world. They decided to introduce millets to the urban populace in the form of snacks. The motto of Orgtree is to create healthy and good betting food that is acceptable to everyone.

The Core Facets of OrgTree are: 

✔ Millets 

✔ Farmers 

✔ Health 

✔ sustainability. 

Millets have high nutritional value, and it is much light to grow. OrgTree’s core vision is to create millets’ products and bring back its nutrition to everyone with exciting products. OrgTree is a farmer supported company which focuses on millets and millet-based products. 

Farmers have a significant portion of OrgTree from growing millet and other ingredients required for products. Also, manufacturing and packaging them all is the farmers’ effort. The OrgTree supply products are rich in dietary fiber, minerals, and proteins. They do not contain wheat, rice, or their extracts, and they are entirely gluten-free. 

To Be Honest

To Be Honest packaged using vacuum-cooked technology, natural color, and all the crunchiness, nutrient, and fiber content of raw vegetables in each product. 

Also, To Be Honest uses 50% low oil than other deep-fried chips, making indulgence a bit tastier. It has recently launched three new flavors: Sweet Ripe Banana, Mixed Sweet Potato, and Tangy Chickpea. (In Pic)


Poshtick thought is to make people realize the necessity to improve their eating habits for a fitter and excellent lifestyle. It believes that being healthy is not a difficult task. Poshtick has everything for the persons who have a health issue and are health-conscious. 

Poshtick makes a ton of healthy snacks, cookies, power mixes, and savory delights like quinoa puffs and wheat puffs seasoned to perfection. These snacks are suitable for every age and beneficial in every bite. It prepares dishes that are tasty and rich in nutrients without artificial preservatives and flavors. 

The Green Snack Co.

The Green Snack Co. is a Mumbai based Food and Beverages company which is started by Jasmine Kaur. This company’s primary purpose is to clear the need gap in the Indian snacking space for authentically healthy yet tasty snacks.

Each pack of this company snacks is 100% Gluten-Free, low on calories, and cholesterol-free. These snacks are also loaded with protein, iron, and dietary fiber. Protein is an essential element required for the growth and development of our body. 

The Green Snack Co. is a local food brand that promises to deliver flavourful snacks without compromising nutrition. 

You will be more precise about this brand when browsing through its products such as khatta meetha, Peppy Cheese, and Smoky BBQ 6-Grain Stix, and more. 


Bazana is an FMCG brand that is founded by Sameer Bhanushali and Justin Ancheta in 2018. It has an aim to supply people with a better snacking option across India. 

The primary goal of Bazana is to become the number 1 snack brand for active India. Bazana is a fry free and oil-free Snack brand in India.

This world is full of fried foods and sugar-filled chocolates. At this time, Bazana comes up with a mission to give the people another option no matter where they are. Bazana is a brand of dry fruits, flavored nuts, seeds, and trail mixes. It is one of the best-roasted snack brands in India. 


Sattviko is a food brand founded by Prasoon Gupta, Ankush Sharma, and Rahul Gupta in 2014. That specializes in Indian snacks. 

It recently launched five flavors in its khakhra chips. These flavors are methi, jeera, masala Indian, as well as jalapeno, and pizza. Sattviko welcomes a new area of snacking. Now it is present in 10 cities, but it aims to expand to the top 20 cities. 

All the Sattviko products are full of India’s traditional food knowledge with the modern world’s taste. The products of Sattviko are made from naturally occurring raw materials and are processed with state-of-the-art technology that preserves their nutrients.


Aditya Sanghavi founded Snackible in May 2015. It aims to replace all the unhealthy, deep-fried, and over-processed junk with nutritious snacks and low calories. 

Snackible is a Mumbai based startup. Currently, it has 17 items, but they add about three new snacks every month. 

Snackable introduces a premium range of healthy, tasty, and reasonably priced snacks easily accessible across the country. Snackable snacks do not have any artificial ingredients, and they do not use any chemicals and preservatives. They are made from fresh and healthy ingredients that serve both excellent health and good taste. 

Nourish Organics

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Nourish Organics Started in 2009 by Seema Jindal Jajodia, from then Nourish Organics is a clean-label packaged foods company. 

Nourish Organics’ main motive is to provide the right healthy organic food. It is about helping us to make the right food choices to Indian consumers.Nourish Organics products are made from delicious and wholesome ingredients that have grown organically, and they are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. 

It aims to make healthy eating easier for urban people through sustainable, organic foods.

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