As one of the most unfortunate years of our lifetime (2020) comes to an end while building hopes for billions of people across globe with the development of vaccines, Google brings us the most searched queries for this year.

While globally Coronavirus claiming its top stop, what’s more exciting is the “NEAR ME” section of search queries under Google trends for India this year.

Let’s have a look at the list first of the ‘most searched near me queries in India’:
1) Food shelters near me
2) COVID test near me
3) Crackers shop near me
4) Liquor shops near me
5) Night shelter near me
6) Grocery stores near me
7) Gym equipment near me
8) Broadband connection near me
9) Laptop shop near me
10) Furniture store near me

The above list is certainly an indicator to all those retailers from selling Crackers to Furniture, that’s it’s essential to optimize and making your stores discoverable in Google Map listings.

Did you know Google compares the quantity of Owner and Customer uploaded Photos to your Google Maps listings with similar businesses around your location? If you have good photos of your store, products and menu items, be sure to upload them to each of your Google Maps locations.- Local Knowledge-Dubai.

While 7/10 near me queries are directly related to retailers, the remaining one’s show the dismay caused due to COVID-19.

Technically, Cracker retailers remained the most searched retailers in the near me segment, liquor finders trailing them behind.

What’s not so surprising is the change in queries from last year to this year:

Top queries 2019
1) Dance classes near me
2) Salons near me
3) Costume stores near me
4) Mobile stores near me
5) Saree shop near me
6) Air quality Index near me
7) Furniture store near me
8) Toy store near me
9) Electronic stores near me
10) Spa near me

Considering millions across India have already tasted the essence of ecommerce due lockdowns and curfews and amplified it, experts anticipate that the trends will continue to grow.

Google has listed a number of success stories in its My Business section which talks about sine of the retail businesses.

Like the for example the following stats of The Glamourous Owl.

So what’s stopping you from getting your retail business listed?

Do share your challenges so that we can help you address them.

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