Shopping has evolved over the years, from being a necessity to a hobby. Online shopping is one of the most pertaining modes for all kinds of goods and services. After the outbreak of the pandemic, digital buyers have increased massively. This will remain as one of the long-term effects of the pandemic. With the increase in digital shopping, we notice that these days the customers define the brand. More so than the brand itself. In such a prevailing rise for products, customer satisfaction and engagement is crucial.

This is when digital shopper analytics comes to the rescue. Here we have a few companies to help your retail business:


As the word typically suggests, the quality of being great in size or extent, and the company’s views are quite similar.

They are amongst the leading product intelligence companies. Amplitude provides digital tools to help run and amplify businesses. The mobile platform helps track customer usage to synthesize and collect behavioral data. This helps to build better products and ensure customer satisfaction. The US-based company currently has about 40,000 digital products from more than 180 countries.


The company has successfully created a unique virtual shopping world. The humane touch added to the experience is probably the best quality. Customers can engage in virtual shopping either by text, chat, or even better, a one-on-one video call- a rare feature. One thing most people need whilst shopping(apart from $$$) is consultation or advice. HERO offers this feature based on previous bestsellers and the customers’ personalized taste. This engagement serves as a revenue riser for the business.


The first integrated Growth Management Platform(GMP).

They are one of the leading companies in utilizing AI to enhance customer experience on shopping sites. This is based on behavioral patterns, purchasing trends, and more. Their local growth consultants are one of the many highlights- these consultants help strategize and implement plans for business growth. They simplify the lives of marketers by providing personalization and segmentation to increase digital growth. They also provide tips to boost customer engagement.


Saving customers from hijacking sites.

Namogoo prevents customers from getting distracted by competitors. Most of us have seen pop-up ads with lower prices or greater varieties and discounts while shopping. This cybersecurity company blocks and detects these unauthorized ads which hijack customer journeys. This ensures all the unauthorized ads are g-o-oing far away from your sites.


“Virtual stores for brands”

With ‘Obsess’ customers can have the full shopping experience from their comfort zone. It is quite similar to ‘Google Street view’, but for fashion, lifestyle and furniture. Their virtual reality and augmented reality shopping platform optimizes shopping. Even in the current situation, with Obsess we can avail the full shopping experience with no compromise on safety or hygiene.


The complete delivery experience.

All kinds of online purchasing are considered successful after the products are delivered. While most companies vanish after the sale is made, ParcelLab’s business idea emerged from this gap. Their website has some interesting insights into the delivery process. Every step connection and heads-up messages about the delivery may sound trivial. But the impact is quite profound, customer engagement in each step contributes significantly to the- ‘Trust building factor’.

7.Quantum Metric

Match the ever-changing market.

The company provides details on the kind of or updated products the customers await. With incomplete and often misleading data, the companies may delay the launch of products. The Continuous Product Design(CPD) features a customer-defined and quantified approach to building better digital products faster.

Businesses’ can fast forward the time spent on data interpretation to product creation.


Customer interaction is crucial for customer satisfaction. Yalo makes engaging with customers easy and quick. For frequent questions, the AI-powered system formulates automated messages. Yalo enables customer interaction and sales on WhatsApp. They have more features to make your retail business simple. An all in one combined platform for marketing, customer care, and most importantly- sales.

Are we missing out on anything which you feel should make it to the list? Or Do you have a better solutions?

Just share your thoughts in comments sections.

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