In a recent blog posted by the company , Amazon promises on paying $500 million dollars as a holiday bonus to the frontline workers.

While appreciating efforts put by the employees during this pandemic which has been a great surge to to e-commerce but a clean profitable year for Amazon.

As amazon says it has paid another $500 million bonuses in June & already paid more than $2.5 billion bonuses to its front line workers this year. As of bonuses , all across US & Canada are as follows :-

  • $500 for full-time Amazon employees, Whole Foods Market employees, and Delivery Service Partner drivers
  • $250 for part-time Amazon employees, Whole Foods Market employees, and Delivery Service Partner drivers
  • $1,000 for all front-line Amazon and Whole Foods Market leaders
  • $3,000 for our Delivery Service Partner owners
  • $150 for each Amazon Flex driver with more than 10 hours in June (source :-


Earlier this October , Lowe’s gave $100 million more in bonuses to hourly employees , as strong demand for home improvement supplies continues.

  • The retailer has also paid more than $675 million in additional pay to employees this year alone.
  • Additional to that Lowe’s announced a cash tender offer for up to $3.5 billion of its outstanding debt securities.


Apart from 1.1billion in bonus payouts to employees this year , Walmart made changes in work hours favorable for employees , created an emergency leave policy & also adding new safety measures.

Company has also invested in cross-training the employees related to their area of work , adding new specific roles for the pandemic troubles.


With 2020’s many twists and turns, it’s quickly shaping up to be a holiday season like no other but one thing hasn’t changed: Our Target team members are pulling out all the stops to make every guest’s shopping experience safe, easy and full of joy. ” – Team Target in a press release

Target frontline team members will be receiving a $200 bonus as we get close to the holiday season !

Earlier this year as well Target gave $200 to its frontline team as a bonus , now adding $200 more to it by the end of this year .

As we head into the holidays, Target is thanking more than 350,000 frontline team members for their service with a $200 bonus—the fourth special bonus we’ve awarded teams or leaders at our stores and DCs since the pandemic began” . — Target News (@TargetNews) 

Including the latest round of bonuses, Target spent nearly $1 billion more this year on employee pay, including pandemic-related benefits like backup child care and its permanent minimum wage increase to $15 an hour.

As per the retail sector & growth of e-commerce in the 21st century , these are great decisions by the corporate giants.

Who are providing jobs & bonuses in spite of these tough times making individual employees loyal towards the brand but for these companies who have done great financially despite the pandemic such investments towards its workforce is a great deal for its employees , all while being like a needle in a haystack for them financially.

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